HOSPACE 2017 | 2nd November 2017



The exhibition is open to companies providing services to the Hospitality sector including but not exclusive to:

  • Property and Guest Management / Revenue
  • Management / hotel accounting system providers
  • Telecommunications, IP Telephony and Networks
  • Management or Technical Services with a Hospitality Technology bias
  • Purchasing, Accounting, Stocktaking and other outsourcing services
  • Industry publications
  • Professional Services and Consultancy, accountants, real estate and law firms

The conference programme features the use of IT solutions for maximising resource utilisation, revenue generation and improving profitability providing direct linkage to the exhibition.

The Exhibition space is collocated to the conference room and will be limited to 30 exhibits of freestanding space with dimensions 3 x 2 m.

To learn more about the opportunities available please let us know if you wish to attend a forthcoming planning session or if you would like to receive further updates about opportunities to exhibit. Call our office on +44 (0)203 418 8196 or email hospa@hospa.org.