HOSPACE 2018 | 1st November 2018

Kiosk Systems and Digital Signage


Symon Dacon

Symon Dacon is a leading expert in the design and implementation of visual communications solutions providing powerful, easy-to-implement, enterprise-wide digital signage solutions that combine real-time data and visually dynamic content in order to communicate information that is timely, targeted and relevant.

With vast experience within the hospitality industry, Symon Dacon offers the complete end-to-end checklist consisting of consultancy, installation, hardware, software, creative content and technical support.

Our digital signage solutions deliver immense value by enhancing your ability to generate incremental revenue simply by enabling you to get the right message across to guests in the right place and at the right time.

With installations worldwide, Symon can be used to:

  • Positively influence viewer behaviour
  • Improve awareness of current promotions, conference meetings, events, amenities, travel updates, restaurant menus, way-finding etc
  • Deliver emergency and priority messaging
  • Portray an aura of technical sophistication and competence
  • Enhance guest visitation experience by providing easy access to helpful information
  • Function as an easy-to-use concierge
  • Allow venue employees to focus their time on other duties

Through Symon, our customers are able to communicate with guests and employees across a broad array of stylish display options; from freestanding flat-panel HD displays in elegant custom furniture casework, to in-room television channels, interactive way-finding kiosks and small-format displays mounted directly on entryways throughout any facility.