HOSPACE 2018 | 1st November 2018

PCI Compliance

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At Orthus we take your risk and make it our own - Guaranteed

Since its inception in 2001, Orthus has grown to become a world-renowned thought leader, educating and helping organisations comply with the complex and ever changing compliance landscape. Orthus has extensive hands-on expertise in the design, delivery and certification of data security compliance frameworks like: Payment Card Industry Data Security Industry (PCI DSS); Data Protection Act (DPA) and ISO 27001 Information Security management System Standards in the Hospitality Industry. Repeatedly moving the information security industry and organisational stakeholders away from old paradigms where necessary and focusing on the game as it is being played today.

Where other information security consultancies have failed Orthus has dramatically excelled in meeting client requirements through the steadfast and rigorous implementation of detailed quality assurance and quality control measures and the incorporation of client feedback through the delivery lifecycle. We pride ourselves in understanding people, processes and keeping solutions simple and tailored to its environment. We are so sure of our approach we guarantee our services and will cover your costs in the event of a breach.

For more information go to www.orthus.com or contact us at +44 (0)203 170 8955 or info@orthus.com


Servebase Multi-Channel Payments is one of the leading and long established providers in the payment processing industry, providing a range of high performance and tailor-made solutions covering almost every industry and market sector.

Servebase have the ability to supply processing solutions for some of the most demanding of environments, including systems that provide multi-channel operations such as a combination of point of sale, mail order, and e-commerce; working across multiple territories. 

Servebase offer the latest in advanced industry secure solutions, including a PCI-DSS level 1 hosted payment processing service as well as providing PA-DSS compliant software for Chip and PIN processing, thus alleviating merchants risk of hosting customer payment data. Servebase also support additional features including 3-D Secure, Tokenisation, Dynamic Currency Conversion, Multi-Currency and access globally to multiple leading acquirers.

To find out how you can benefit and add value from our solutions call our sales team on 0844 209 4370 or visit our website www.servebase.com