HOSPACE 2018 | 1st November 2018

Revenue Management Systems


Global Specialists in Hospitality Revenue Management

Founded in 1999, EasyRMS offers an internet based Revenue Management System, which helps hotels to maximise their rates for both direct bookings and those from various booking channels. EasyRMS not only takes into account the room revenues, but all other revenues into its forecasts, and provides these forecasts by room category. EasyRMS is now used by nearly 1000 hotels, including both chains and independents across the world.

“Whilst it could be viewed by many General Managers that EasyRMS is a system which will forecast future revenues, I would suggest that this system gives you the ability to analyse how you are selling your hotel. Once you understand your trends you can then amend selling strategies to improve and increase your sales and revenues. The bottom line is the system has paid for itself in weeks on the reporting alone, and there are numerous tangible benefits”.
David MacRae, General Manager, The Strand Palace Hotel, London, 2010

Come and see us on Stand 13 or come and listen to an EasyRMS User in the Education Session, 2.45 in Room X

IDeaS Revenue Solutions

IDeaS Revenue Solutions - a SAS Company, is the leading provider of pricing and revenue management software, services and consulting. IDeaS enables global organizations such as hotel, travel and transportation companies to understand, anticipate and react to consumer behavior in order to optimize revenue and profits.

Software & Services:

  • IDeaS Revenue Management System
  • IDeaS Forecasting Management System
  • IDeaS Car Park revenue Management Systems
  • Hospitality Consulting
  • IDeaS Consulting

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Micros Fidelio

MICROS is a truly world-class company providing integrated business applications to hospitality and retail industries in more than 130 countries across the globe. Over 220,000 MICROS systems are installed in enterprises ranging from table and quick service restaurants to every type of leisure, entertainment and retail operation you can imagine. We also provide property management, central reservation and customer information solutions to more than 20,000 hotels worldwide.

As befits a world-class operation, our support centre in Ireland offers 24-hour back up, 365 days a year to our European customers.

It’s a service that’s second to none, so with MICROS on board you’re never on your own!

Rate Tiger

RateTiger is a premium rate shopping and channel management solutions provider, a thought leader in online sales and revenue management. RateTiger’s Product Suite, security certified under ISO 27001:2005, empowers and enables the travel and hospitality industry to compare rates with competitors on a real-time basis and update a wide variety of distribution channels and travel portals easily and efficiently with the largest online channel management network (750+) and XML connections (150+) available.

Since 2001 RateTiger has been developing software solutions for the hospitality industry in order for hoteliers to efficiently manage rates and availability on multiple channels. RateTiger products are serving over 7000 clients in over 65 countries and 750 cities The products are backed by near 100% application uptime, no hardware investments, increased scalability and 24-hour, multilingual support with free user training.

RTSuite is a collection of online rate shopping, channel management, guest review management and content distribution. It includes Shopper; ChannelManager and StrategyEngine. RTReview platform is an online guest review consolidator while RTContent acts as a live content data bank allowing hoteliers to manage information in multiple channels through a single interface.

RTCorp is high-performance yet easy to use market intelligence solution, which enables corporate users to view hotel rates of both its contracted hotels and other hospitality suppliers across different travel sites in one composite report.

RTConnect: The XML Gateway RTConnect adds e-revenue and distribution technologies to hotel management systems and provides access to 700+ online sales channels.

Tel: 020 7422 7528 | email: uk@ratetiger.com | website: www.ratetiger.com

Rate Wise

Rate Wise is a new Room Rate Management System to help hotel managers maximise revenue by ensuring optimum room rates at all times.

Rate Wise provides the following key benefits:

  • Ensures no more juggling with multiple reports, spreadsheets, calendars and printouts
  • Ensures appropriate room rates for all levels of occupancy on all dates
  • Provides significant savings on staff costs through reducing time spent managing rates
  • Saves time on the process of calculating rates thereby providing the flexibility to manage rates daily
  • Guarantees rate parity across 3rd Party Websites
  • Sets appropriate rates for special events e.g. concerts, matches, conferences etc through both overrides and event specific rate rules
  • Accurately reports information on Pickup, Occupancy, Average Room Rate and RevPAR
  • Handles group booking s through newly developed facility

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